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    We were just at Oasis Sens from July 16-21, initial check in was a bit slow, took us about 25-30 mins to check in around 8:30 pm. After check in we went to our room which was surprisingly not bad at all except that it did not have curtains, hair dryer, a safe, iron, or mini fridge.

    I walked down to the check in lobby to complain about the room and the guy at check in told me that these are all things that one should request and are not standard with the room. We were already there and wasn't going to let this ruin our stay. We requested it and we got a hair dryer and curtains right away although the dryer they took us did not work. I went back to the lobby and demanded a new hair dryer and they got me one. The iron and ironing board got were in our room soon after.

    After we got that squared away we went to dinner at the muerde me mucho restaurant which was not bad but not great either. Luckily we started talking to a guy there and he informed us about the pirate cruise leaving at 11 from the hotel. We make it in time to the pirate party which was held on a pirate boat and our fun began there.

    Now just because it's called a pirates cruise don't expect any kind of pirate show other than a 5-10 mins of a couple of guys acting like pirates. After the show the real party started and it turned into a booze cruise. Not complaining here, although we did look around and saw a whole bunch of disappointed older faces as they thought they were going to a legitimate pirates cruise.

    We get back to the hotel at around 2:30 and to our surprise there is still no safe or mini fridge. Once again I go back down to the lobby and they assure me that by morning they will get us both. The fridge got delivered around 10 only after someone checked out and they brought me theirs. As far as the safe, I never received it.

    The infinity pool the next morning was beautiful and we spent most of our time there. We met great couples there and really enjoyed it.
    On Thursdays they had a foam party that was amazing, although my wife was the only one topless there.

    Overall a nice place, as far as customer service, they are still lacking in that department.

    Big props and Thanks to Ignacio at the omelet station, always helpful and smiled, Karen, Luis, and I believe Aldo from the entertainment group as well as the show director at the Kinky Club thank you guys for making it memorable.
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    Thanks, sound like the Sens will not make it for the TTR crowd. They all try, but no go. The Oasis Viva had the right ingredients but not the will. The GP is the only thing close, just not a vibrant party but better food and beach.
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    At airport,

    Stayed there 2 nights,,,

    Trip report to come

    Place has nothing in common with TTR.