ONE more day.

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Resort' started by shotm61, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Only one more day and we will be heading to Temptation for a 9 day vacation of fun in the sun. So looking forward to meeting new friends who love to have fun. When we were there a few years ago the saying was "nobody knows you nobody cares". I hope that saying is still in place. Get ready to drink and have some fun.
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    OK... but no offense... I Hate You!!!

    I still have 2.5 weeks of doing business paperwork... that no-one else other than me does, if I am on holiday... (the joys of a small, family run business! lol...)

    While that is bad enough.... I also have a Wonderful Mother-In-Law, coming to stay with our kids in our house in 2.5 weeks....

    Why said Mother-In-Law is absolutely Wonderful for looking after said kids for a week.... Said Mother-In-Law is also a perfectionist when it comes to housework!

    Unfortunately, running two businesses, paperwork etc, young kids... my house is far from my priority! Therefore, in addition to all the rest.... I need to make my house a show place before she arrives!!!

    The result is... me up from dawn to dusk, cooking, cleaning, doing paperwork, kid's stuff, homework, hairdressers appointments, waxing, shouting at kid's for any mess created... you get the picture! Lol... Sometimes, I wonder, is it worth it.... and then I go to Temptation! Realise it is always worth it!

    So... with 2.5 weeks to go, I officially hate you because I have 2.5 weeks of hell.... Wondering how much my mum-in-law will judge me for not having my children's underwear ironed even if everything else is ok... lol.... but, not...