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    Although we got back exactly a week ago, only now I have recovered from the cold/flu/whatever that was that i had gotten at the end of our trip.

    Even with the cold during the last 2 days of the trip, it was by far the best vacation (out of the country) we have taken! Even when Robert got a heatstroke/heatrash on our last full day (new years eve) and we ended up in bed at 11 pm on New Year's eve, lol.

    A BIG thank you to everyone that helped answered our questions before the trip! Every answer/tip was right on the mark.

    The Staff was great and always had a smile on their faces. We loved the smiles on all the bartenders and waiters/waitresses. We never had any towel art though (we did tip 2-3 dollars every day) but really, who's going to stare at towels all day.

    The Food: I know everyone said it is ok food compared to others that they've had before but we completely loved it! We loved the breakfast's fresh fruit juices...what a nice way to start off each morning! The restaurants were great and the sexy coffee is amazing.

    The Bed: I actually prefer hard beds.

    The Porno: I have no idea how men don't get sick of the 24/7 channels if you watch alot of it.. but yup, robert never got sick of it and we had fun with it :D

    The Front Desk: it was awful... the ladies at the front desk... one in particular looked like she didn't want to be there and least of all, be helping us to our rooms or checking us out (of course, we got her for both checking in and out). She couldn't find our express check-in information for forever (although it was right in front of her... literally). She couldn't find our check out information either. We asked her a question and she just frowned at us...no answer. We just stared back at her and quietly followed the bell hop (who Answered ALL our questions). Oh, and despite our request for a quiet room, she gave us a room near the paty O bar but the bell hop was able to get us a much better room with an oceanview...free upgrade (we paid for a garden view).

    The Entertainment: It was fun during the day with all the contests but we really weren't there too many days during day time on our trip. We went on so many tours and off-resort activities. But the days that we were there, it was very fun to watch.

    I do wish that the entertainment staff (the girls) choose and encourage women of various shapes and bodies and not just the slim/"beautiful" women to enter the contests. This is just what we noticed but it may have been just that we weren't there for most of the contests during the week. Brenda and sara seem to be good at running contests but are abit cold and aloof when we tried making small talk with them. It may have been because this irish man was yelling at Sara for the Paty O bar having horrible music (we actually loved the music there) before we talked to her. They probably have to put up with alot of shit like that.

    We went to bed pretty early every day except for the Coco bongo's night (AMAZING!!!!). Around 12-1 am each day just because we had tours scheduled during the days.

    Robert was very happy to find that the resort was very topless and it was a surprise to him! I refused to go topless because i only brought a one piece bathing suit and found it to be tacky to go topless with a one piece... but I somehow found myself to be very tacky on our last day of the trip....and found myself topless during the entire time spent in the sexy pool on the last day.

    I remember talking to a bunch of people while being topless but after only four hours, I had too much to drink and didn't want to be the one piece bathing suit lady with boobs hanging out who passes out drunk...and retired back to my hotel room to rest for the day/night. Woke up with a cold and only a week later, we have recovered, lol!!

    That was alot of rambling but all in all, Thank you to the cancuncare community and it was awesome!
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    Thanks for taking the time to post your trip report.

    Shame that you had a bad experience with check in. We've been to TTR a number of times now and never experienced similar trouble. People are people, everywhere, and perhaps the person you spoke of was going through a difficult time in her life. Great that you got the upgrade!

    Sounds like, all and all, you both really enjoyed your vacation and it's great to hear that the folks here provided you with information that was helpful in planning your trip :)
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    Great report. The only people we seem to ever have a problem with are the check in/out people. Maybe they're just jealous that they can't be out and about with everyone else :lotsofmichaelfs:

    I'm glad you finally went topless on the last day for your significant other, I'm sure he really enjoyed that. It always takes my wife a few drinks before she get's comfortable :flash: