our trip report Nov.11-18

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    Let me bring you our trip report Nov.11-18

    After a pretty much long flight from Detroit we hit Temptation, Friday around 8pm. Smooth transportation from the airport with USA Transfers(take it, it will save you time and comfort)!
    Checking in, we had the conversation with the staff and even we have been aware of the time sharing(membership) thing and even asking about avoiding that, I bit it. My fault! (Those trying to not get into that, be aware!)
    Right next day we've been in the Boobs Cruise. Even took us :p a little while to get accommodated with the atmosphere, the Cruise was a blast, absolutely an wonderful time, Steve, Omar, Chino and all the staff was just great, the people going together, the party, drinks, the weather(!), all in all the Cruise was THE one!. To sum it up I'll just quote Chino: "No sex in the ocean!:D"! After all the Steve's ending trip video says it all:)
    After a little bit of well deserved rest (the all over again filled up drinks asked for that) we've got caught in a evening party with lots of tequila shots and dancing good time.

    Next day we went for the 3h time sharing (still not being aware of). Luckily it was the only time seeing the rain in Cancun and adding the tequila and the shirts that we got, I'll consider it even:)
    We finally got the beach first ocean swim and enjoyed the sun all the day long.

    To tell you the truth from this moment on I don't remember exactly the activities on each single day, everything was like a rollercoaster, we've met very nice people, the drinks, swimming in the ocean, lots of parties, spending time on the chairs and swimming in the middle of the night under the stars, the all atmosphere made it an absolutely not forgettable combo!

    We chose to make our base near to the ocean and hit the sexy pool as well, one of the places where you could end up glued:). After all, there I temporarily lost my bathing trunks in a try to help Miss Temptation winning the contest. Even it seemed that I couldn't make the difference I'm almost sure that all the guys being caught in the pool then got relieved not having to go on the stage and receive our personals from the MT:) (that's a compliment to her!)

    The Coco Bongo night club was definitely one of the best attractions, we really enjoyed every moment there, the shows, the music the all package was just great. Even we've got to the "our spots" those are just saying "now you are on your own" and we did that and found nice place to dance, see the shows and enjoy the night down in the center of the club. The drinks were great and pumped up us all night long:) The only down point was that you actually couldn't find to rest for a while if you didn't have the chance to be glued to a chair:)

    We tried the parasailing, a great experience to have it once in a life time (a little bit pricey but we've got great time and some nice pictures from there).

    The lingerie night was an event to remember, even the staff made the fake casino even faker that should be (they rushed too much but we had a very great time)

    The all place is very safe, to tell you the truth, I have been a little bit worried about so much drink and people not having to slow down because of the missing kids from the picture, but all is very safe.

    I cannot say enough for the rooms, accommodations and people that made possible the rest of the moments that cannot be described in this short TR.:D

    We very much enjoyed our trip to Temptation, a special place with special people.

    One of the best times!:lotsofmichaelfs:

    Now back to the reality just hoping we will do that again SOON!

    PS: some pics from the trip
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    Thanks for the TR...sounds like you had a good time...
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    Thanks for the trip report Bogdan & Elisa, it was nice to meet you on the cruise. Glad you enjoyed the day and the rest of your trip. Hope to see you again next time.

    Great pics too!