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Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by steeler7, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. steeler7

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    I jus wanted to get opinions from everyone who has been to cancun about which is your favorite club and why. Personally I like the City cause I saw Method Man perform there, but they are all good- get at me
  2. Best Clubs

    From my experience, here is my review for the clubs I have been to:

    1) Senor Frogs - Always lots of ladies and one of my favorites. Not too crowded and the music always varies. Bartenders there do not exist unless you have a few bills in your hand, but hey, it's Mexico.

    2) Carlos N Charlies - Sort of like Senor Frogs, but not as crazy. It is very hard to get a drink b/c women are constantly dancing on the bar. Oh yeah, they shoot CO2 up womens shirts to add a show. Music is okay but Senor Frogs is better.

    3) Coco Bongos - I hate this club. I have been to it three times, and I can't get over how crowded it always is. You can't walk, get a drink, or dance muchless. The performances are tight, but the club is way too small.

    4) Fat Tuesdays - Best place to be on Tuesday or if MTV arrives. Drinks are expensive and the line for the restrooms are looooong. My favorite club when crowded.

    5) Daddy O's - Didn't like the music but the club is nice. Thereis always a long line to get in so get there early.

    I've been to a few others but I don't remember too much about them. It was towards the end of the night so... you know how it goes.
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    remember this guy.
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