Thought I knew but not so sure now...Which Desire Resort?!?!

Discussion in 'Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort' started by jjohey, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Well, thought I knew which one to go to from my research. Was going to go to Pearl based on review that food, rooms, pool were all better, but then read some things about Pearl that made me think maybe RM is the best choice for us. I'm 33, wife is 32. We are still what we would like to consider 'young'. We like to have a good time and party with friends, but we also like to have quiet time alone on occasion.

    Which one would you say has the younger crowd? I read where Pearl is the older crowd, average age 45-50 and RM is the more younger crowd per say. Is there truth to that? I understand that it will depend based on the groups, but taking that out of the equation, is RM the younger crowd?

    This would be our first C/O trip and we would only be doing a 4 night stay. Would want to get a good first impression so that we would definitely want to come back for a longer stay in the future. We'll be think it will be fun.

    Thanks for any feedback in advance!

    EDIT: I should mention, my wife and I are not into the lifestyle but are open minded about it. Thanks.
    EDIT 2: I should also mention, we would be looking at March 22 - 25th of 2016 as our time to be there. Too far out to look into Groups or do Groups typically go same time yearly?
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    It's very hard to generalize, but IMHO Desire RM is far more popular with groups than Desire Pearl and also "tends" to be more of a party than Pearl.

    Frankly age is a non issue to those that regularly go to either property, but you will find that you are somewhat on the young side of the median age most weeks at either property(of course that depend on who is there the week that your planning)

    Desire RM has 114 rooms while Pearl only has 88 rooms so in general on any given week there is a larger sized group at Desire RM than at Pearl.

    Either are good choices if your looking for a sensuous, c/o vacation for yourselves. ;)

    btw - as to your groups question, yes most regular groups do tend to book the same weeks each year.