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    it seems that the time share we bought into when we visited the golden a few years ago has run into problems. simple scenario:
    2015 we visit golden and go onto the timeshare tour at the Great parnassus. its the sister hotel, but big...modern and really top notch. we join and actually go there a few months later for free and its a great great place. (not all adult but there are sooo many places member or adult only that u never even see the rug rats)

    so we book another trip,,,this time April 23 2016 w our teen children and another few girls in early 20's...arrive at the Great Parnassus..and are told our reservations were cancelled as there was NO longer a relationship between the 2 hotels...

    we bought the time share BECAUSE of this relationship..best of both worlds...adult and family places...

    back to our trip>>> we leave the Great P. super pissed off and take a van to the Golden where they are apologetic about our plight and tell us that this happened so quickly they has no notice and no data base to contact us or other families this was happening to. (basically the ENTIRE timeshare owners)

    they tell us they are sending us to a really nice resort..the ALLRITMO. it was perhaps the WORST night of my lifr. the place was squaller. disgusting and gross.

    8am ..another $60 taxi ride back where they agree to send us to the Grand solaris where we stay a week and have a good time. (PLACE WAS CLEAN BUT DATED.. staff great..booze,..crappy)

    i return a few days later to discuss the situation (calmly this time) with a Cluub Parnassus manager and realize that I might end up losing my entire $ investment as no actual time share exists. I am promised an addition free week at the Golden and given a certificate that I pray is valid if and when we return.

    I try to deposit weeks into RCI and cannot as I am told to be patient. Luckily somehow they were able to process my weeks and have done so recently.

    Any other stories timeshare owners
    ? get back to us