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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by ScubaSteve, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Final update on this...just for the rare chance anyone out there actually lives in Bakersfield, CA.

    I am tackling this one solo. God knows what Elyse was thinking letting me go off on my own unsupervised. But I will be there from next Thursday (10/20) to late Monday (10/24). I don't have all the details on what I will be doing, but night Friday and Saturday are probably just going to be wedding stuff. I have my own suite in Bakersfield (even got to use Elyse's Marriott points), and will just drunken Uber everywhere.

    Sunday I am hopefully up bright and Early to watch a 10am east coast Eagles game, should be interesting! Feel free to PM for my number if you're in the area.

    Thanks again to everyone that gave advice on planning a full trip. Sadly it couldn't work out that way.