Trip report 14/12/11 to 21/12/11

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    Hello everybody! Sorry we didn't write before but here we go...
    We arrived at Cancun at 12 pm, our transfer with USA Transfers: Perfect! It's worth to pay the private transfer because we use that 40 minutes to get all the information from the driver. He was very kind and helpful.
    The room at Temptation wasn't ready so we have to wait to 4 o'clock, but meanwhile we go straight to the sexy pool and when we arrive to the bar we were already making friends and drinking margaritas!! We had the 1225 room and it was perfect, the view was good, the size of the room is perfect, every thing was great! In the night, Paty'o was great too, we stay there until 6 am, knowing very nice people from all over the world....It was a very good night.

    About the Time shared Speech: We already know, thanks to this forum, that we could avoid this moment, but they offer us a very good discount on the Isla Mujeres and Chichen Itza trips so we fall....:( We are very cheap..we know)

    Next day we went to the lingerie party, we thougth the party was all night long at the Night Shoes Bar, but it wasn`t. It was only 3 hours there, then everybody goes to Paty'o to party. So you go to Paty'o with your very small outfit and at the beginning is a little intimidating....but after 2 shots of margarita..every thing is just beautiful...and fun!

    If you are a party person this is the place! Every night of our trip ended at Paty'o...and every night is different.

    We usually spend the day time at the beach because the sexy pool was cold and If you don't wake up early you won't have a spot there...we never wake up early....because of Paty'o :D

    The food is good, you have a lot of options, if you don`t get what you want is because you are lazy.

    Some tips:
    If you want to go to chichen itza or tolum, we really recomend to go with a guide, because there's a lot of interesting information that you will loose if you go by your self. We bougth the trip to Chichen Itza with Temptation and the guides work for the mexican government so they are very trained and give you very good advices and information. Our guide was Simon Chavez, if you can ask for him it worth it!

    All the staff at Temptation were very kind but when you tip them you fill the difference in the service.

    One thing we didn't know was that in Paty'o, the music is over at 2 am, so if you have a dock you would be the king of the party.

    Finally, we really really want to thank Steve and his lovely wife for all the good advices and the wanderfull time we spend there. You guys are awesome!!! And this forum is very very helpful...

    one more thing, Are there swingers at Temptation?....yes! There are....and they are all nice people, very respectful and friendly, no pressure at all.

    Good luck and have fun!! We would be now repeaters!!!!

    Carolina y Fernando from Colombia XOXOXOXO
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    Thanks for taking the time to write a trip report, especially as Spanish is your first language.

    Glad you had a good time, and it was nice to meet you both albeit briefly due to our short stay. Hopefully, see you again next time.
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    Cool trip report, thanks for sharing, we can't wait for our return trip in May. :eek:rangehat: