Trip Review, April Addict 2014, April 8-18. =)

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    Hello Folks,

    Sorry if I've been quiet for the past fews weeks. First I was at Temptation and 2nd I need some time to relax, and keep my breath back.

    Before I begin, if you want to bash me, please make it in private... I know my english isn't perfect, but for whoever don't know, my first language is french... Start to speaking french then maybe you'll have something to say.. Before this happen, Close your mouth. Thanks :)

    So here is my trip review from 8th to 18th march 2014.

    8th April 2014.

    3 AM. Woke up, not able to sleep, way to freakin excited to be in cancun, so the snow can f**k off :)
    ( I'll skip the fact that my plane was delay and REALY rought, I have so much to say, I'll try to keep it only from the resort and what we did . :)

    My flight was delayed by an 1h30 minute, and still USA transfert was waiting for us at the airport. 10/10 on the service they gave to us.
    We was at the hotel around 2h30, and our room was ready. Check-In at the premier front desk was REALLY fast, thanks to Damian who help us with everything.
    Then it was rainning so we just stay in our room sleeping. Then went out at night for the school girl, but I was so tired, we went to bed early.

    Then, for the whole 10 days, each day was better.

    Everyone knonw that Ben didn't nothing 2 weeks before. Then I had another surprise for him. His best friend who he grow up with, come and join us at Temptation.

    Boobs Cruise; Wow. and I win the Fuck it because I had the biggest boobs on the boat haha. ( thanks Chinos & Omar). Seriously, I can't describe the boobs cruise for one and only one reason.. DO IT, live it. It's a must it will make your trip way better, believe me :) I was suppose to go on the boobs Cruise for friday, but we was tired so we decide to skip it. The one on Monday .. OMG... What a blast. It was the most amazing thing I did =) I'm pretty sure it was borring at the resort that day, since The funiest people was on the boat :), and yes, I wasn't drunk. I was the first lady to do a skinny dipping follow up by my friends I met :p, the sea was wavy, so I didn't stay alot in the water, since my eyes was burning because of the salt. I actually have the chance to talk with Steve, and seriously, he's really nice, if you didn't have the chance to talk with him, go ahead =)

    Thank to all of you who I meet, to make this trip unforgeatable for me and Ben. Acsnoracer and he's wife, Dk&lin, Canadian Dos Esqui, ChrisandKev, Glenn/monique, Steve. BigSexy and Miss Sexy, Sonia and Jon, ( Son& Jon I think here), Naughty_Newphies. Been the best trip of my life.

    Hotel; our room was good, not perfect but good. We ask for quiet room and that what we got. Ocean view and sport pool from one side and quiet pool from balcony.
    Food; OMG, it was so good. Better than last year. And Please take the time to reserve at the italian it was one of the best. The sexy coffee at the italian, even if you don't drink coffee just for the show it's worth it. Didn't went on the Asian this year, most part of the night we ate at the seafood. Ben told me the Salmon at the seafood was Really good ( one of the Best he ever had.) We didn't see any cockroaches, and the resort it's cleaner than last year, so it's a good news :)

    Make sure if you buying a lobster dinner
    to have it at the seafood ( Right where is the bikini bar, quiet pool ), it will be the best. Each restaurant ( à la carte or normal ), have their own speciality, so no lobster dinner at the italian.

    Buffet was ok. Breakfast it's always the same thing, we both enjoyed the quesedillas with cheese and I had fruit which it's ok with me. They have a HUGE selection of fruits each morning, strawberry, apple, orange, pineaple, watermelon, honeymelon, grape, etc. The fresh juice on the morning was
    really good and tasty. Not too sweat just perfect.

    You can find food or something to drink at anytime of the day, if you plan to drink alot make sure to drink water, it's a must. Service most part of the time was fast. I don't mind waiting 2-3 minutes for a drink, because it give me the chance to talk with other right by me. Drink was good most part of the time, if I didn't like it, then I just change. I bring my own bubba and thumbler, because I don't like the way the cup of plastic are wash, so I use my own cup. I was there as a refferal and the pool service was just great. Don't even need to leave my ass from the chair, I can order food, drinks whatever what I want.

    Theme Night: Didn't did the 911 night, school girl ( the first night. ) and the lingerie the last night. Lingerie Casino it's very nice (even the show at the Nice Shoes. ) The meet and greet, we was only there by the end and it was so hot, The people can tell you the cingar lounge it's really bad, no air, no wind, nothing, next time we should to that at the sport bar. ( most parts of the time there's nobody there.) Alot of participation from our April Addicts for most of the theme night.

    Overal experience Food: 9/10, Service 10/10, Staff 9/10, Room 8/10, Entertainment 10/10.

    But the most important is, thank to all of you friends that I met, you are all a crazy bunch and I love you all :) Thank you for the laught, the fun, the party, but more thank you to let us be who we are. Thank you to Steve & Jannet, Chinos, for the AWESOME Boobs Cruise, but the most all... Thank you to everyone and single one of you to be in the April Addict 2014. You are all great folks, I didn't have the chance to meet everyone, but I'm really happy :)

    I forgot, 3 days before I left, they was like 2 huge group of single guy from london, One was for a bachelorette ( 11 ), and the other group was 22. I don't understand why they accept so much singles groups guys. Most part of the time they was respectfull, one try to touch me and I just said, don't even think about it, I don't mind really if you touch me ( arm or something like that ), but if I don't even know or meet you, what's the point.

    Make sure to tips the staff, they are working their ass off to have a nice resort.

    If I think about something else I'll let you know :)

    Enjoy and relax :) Have a nice day everyone :) :cheerleaders:
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    Great report guys nice meeting you
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    Thanks for the great trip report. We leave this Friday. Can't wait!!!
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    Glad you had a great time!
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    Ill try to get my full length report out this week. Been trying to recover from my trip since my return... lol. We had a ton of fun with you both, really enjoyed partying with you, and hope to see you again soon!

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