TTR Review July 21-26

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    I loved reading the reviews before we left so I figured I would pay it forward :aktion033:

    I will spare everyone the details of our travel, it was uneventful and customs was a breeze. We use USA Transfers both ways and it could not have been more smooth. Got to the hotel, checked in and tried to avoid the timeshare guys. I was impressed, we said no once and the guy let us go.

    Our room was in the 5000 building, it was far away but nothing too bad. It was on the 3rd floor, but we were careful and just had one near fall. Everything was easily accessible, but a 2nd or 1st floor room would have been nice but certainly nothing to complain about.

    We fell into the same routine daily, up early about 8am breakfast and towel placement, water sport or beach volleyball, then sexy pool til about 4pm, nap and dinner about 8:30 pm, show and Patty O until all hours of the night.

    Like everyone says, the people are what absolutely make the resort. There is no way we could name everyone but thank you to each and every one we met! You guys are some of the best people out there!!!! OKC will always have a special place in our hearts, you guys are some crazy fucks but you are so much fun!! :lotsofmichaelfs:

    Lay towels out on your room floor. The tile gets very slippery after a shower!

    The later it got in our trip the earlier we had to put towels out at the Sexy Pool. No earlier than 8-9am though. There isn't a bad seat in the house in our opinion, but we were in the pool from 11 on. Share your seat if you aren't using it!

    Make your restaurant reservation early! We called at 9:07am toward the weekend and had to wait until 9:00pm to eat, not a huge deal but we were hungry! Expect to wait at the Seafood restaurant if you go during a busy time, luckily you can get a drink at the Quiet Pool right outside.

    If you go in July, expect to feel heat like you've never felt! We went down to the OXXO and bought a huge thing of water to refill the ones the hotel give you, I think the jug was $2.50 and it was worth it.

    Tip the maids well, they will bring you extra everything if you do.

    Go on the Boobs Cruise! But DO NOT bring a camera or video recorder. If you want to, ASK everyone that might even be close to the picture if it's ok to take it. Same goes with the Sexy Pool. The entertainment staff will call you out in an embarrassing way if they see a camera during the games (not from personal experience, I swear!)

    I can't think of anything else, but just to thank everyone that we met and say how great the resort is! Food, drink and staff was amazing! :daveandmo: to many more trips, you have made us repeaters for sure!
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    Great TTR and great tips thanks for sharing