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Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Tucancun here.

    Located at Km13 it is a short journey by bus to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 30 minute bus journey away.

    Check the links below for availability and pricing with the following operators:

    Best Day Cancun


    Travel Center
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  3. Lynne

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  4. whdream

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    Yeah the hotel is nice. And right beside the mall.. Well just down the drive way from the hotel. Right near everything.
    The Staff were great and the rooms were nice and clean and big. The food was ok. BUt as with any place in Cancun..

    Anyone who goes here will definately have fun!
  5. ldolson

    ldolson Guest

    I was there in the summer of 03 and it was pretty nice. The staff was extra friendly and our room was also clean. My friends and I are going to be there from march 12-19th for spring break anyone going to be there then too?
  6. qotsa37

    qotsa37 Guest

    Mini Fridge

    Are they supplied in the rooms and does the staff care about bringing back food and drinks to the hotel.
  7. Lynne

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    Re: Mini Fridge

    Is what supplied in the rooms?

    We had no problems bringing drinks from the bar back to the rooms. Never tried bringing food, but I don't see why not.
  8. ldolson

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    does anyone know if they have irons there??
  9. qotsa37

    qotsa37 Guest

    are mini fridges supplied
  10. suzqt

    suzqt Guest

    they did'nt have irons in our rooms and not sure if they have them at the hotel.
    they dont have mini refridg in the room and you have to buy your own water also no gift store.
  11. Lynne

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    They had a gift shop that sold water, soda, and juices when we were there last July.

    No irons though. You can purchase small travel irons pretty inexpensively, however anything than needs ironed probably isn't a good idea for a trip to Cancun.

    Spent time partying, not ironing. :lol:
  12. Denise

    Denise Guest

    They have a gift shop on the entrance level. My friend bought bottled water there. You can bring food back. They don't mind. The manager's name is Hugo Rodriguez. Seems like a cool guy. I met him once. He sent me the Mexican coffee recipe, via e-mail.
  13. suzqt

    suzqt Guest

    I was just there the end of Jan 2005 and there was NO gift store at the hotel.
    There is a mall across the street to buy water and soda and any other things you might need.
    I would only stay here if it was free. The food and drinks were BAD.
    Hotel staff were totally RUDE.
  14. Denise

    Denise Guest

    The gift shop was on across the hallway, from the El Caffee buffet; main level, near the hotel entrance.
  15. whdream

    whdream Guest

    Well when I was there several years ago the staff was great.

    They had a snack bar out by the pool, which was handy you could actually go and sit down..
    A\The regular buffet got tiresome. And the staff were great.
  16. suzqt

    suzqt Guest

    the gift store was closed that was by the buffet when we were there
  17. cedarsurf

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    Best hotel ever...... The staff was great, the location was great, the best spring breakers. We went to the Oasis and a few other hotels for a day and those places did not have near the good vibe that the Tucan had. The food was a bit shady but what do you expect for a discount AI.
  18. Shongo

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    without trying to sound pedantic does anyone know what cable channels they have here??

    Only Curious as it gives me something to do when getting ready or night or if I am too hungover to go outdoors during the day
  19. Sol_Gemma

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    ok i seem to remember CNN, some kind of spanish music channel, an MTV that showed some ashley simpson TV show ALL THE TIME arrgh spanish cartoons.. um best TV show was Dr Phil about fat toddlers 'I feed my child if he hungry, i feed him a ho ho, a ding dong, my child eats ribs...' hehe
  20. spradioman

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    one particular harbour
    Half of our group of twelve have booked their trip with Tuncancun for April 26th - May3rd. We were told that the resort is closed until April 1st. Today we discovered that the open date has been pushed back to April 22nd....awful close to our arrival date. Does anyone have any information about the resort?? Also, does anyone have an actual contact number or email within the resort. Any help appreciated!! :?

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