Updated Temptation Review Oct 20-25th

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    Wow this was our 11th trip to TTR. 8 were the new format TTR 3 were old school Blue Bay Getaway.

    We arrived early on the 20th and the typical USA transfer got us to the resort within about a half hour. We got to the door and then went to check in. We took some time to listen to the come see the sales pitch and decided to schedule time to listen to them. No they were not too pushy and we wanted to see the new changes and updates as we just got there and hadn't gotten past the lobby.

    We got our room so it was time to check ours out and head to the party pool. This is when we started to figure out what had been done and what they were still working on. We were in the last building furthest to the north west so closest to the street over looking the bus stop. We had a Garden room so king room. The room was nice it had the full length cabinet/TV built in. Within about 5 minutes, don't drop anything on the floor. Nothing new the floors have all been tile but don't drop glass toys they break :( The shower was a single head not sure if that is the normal we always likes the double shower head and the glass between the shower and the room was a dark purple with not a lot of light in the shower area :( Again we liked the old mostly transparent glass between the shower and the room.

    Off to get a chair at the pool... Drinks, Food, etc.

    At first the Party pool is huge, then you start to get used to it. With the bubble areas on both ends we found ourselves moving about throughout the day to chat with people. The main pool bar was already cracked when we got there on Friday and by Tuesday it was cracked in a couple other areas :( Shame, we like the composite and flowing bar top but too easily broken. It can and will probably be fixed and should be wet set onto the bar top to make sure it's stable for all the people setting on top of the bar.

    We ate at the Mexican for lunch and it's what it was before... We didn't make it out night one... as we passed out until morning after day one drinking.

    Saturday, it rained in the morning... It wasn't the typical June Rain it was a downpour for about 20 minutes then sun and fun. Lots of leaks, but they are taking care of them. Yes it's difficult to build and test everything. We went to the Italian for dinner. We did the tour and 1 hour turned into 2 1/2 hours. We got to see one of the master suites but by this time we already figured out it's only the new section that has the new configurations. We've stayed in old section by the beach volley ball area, section by the quiet pool, section above the sports bar and numerous times behind the sexy pool. We didn't buy in just yet, we have a college student to finance then maybe it makes sense.

    Sunday was another nice day but then Rain in the evening. Another down pour but we were still at Bash and about 20 or so people were making the best of it dancing in the rain regardless.

    Monday was perfect, woke up and it was sunny. Perfect day for the Boobs Cruise so boat all day. then back to party pool for more drinks and fun. Bash again that night...

    Tuesday I believe was drinking and rain drinking and rain and drinking more. We went to She and it was great.

    Wednesday was our last day. Throughout the week we had seen lots of work and lots of leaks they are tracking down. Our room didn't have any issues to really complain about. The shade wasn't fully set in the track but 2 minutes and I had it fixed.

    In the end we hope that the race to open doesn't bite them in the ass. Construction is what construction is. Concrete construction isn't exactly what we are used to but hopefully they are able to rectify the issues causing the leaks and finish what needs to be finished without redoing a lot because of a rushed job. We hope that the party pool bar top gets fixed and resolved so it doesn't continue to crack and break.

    We heard about rate increases during the tour, we heard about them in the past when they were closed down. We hope they don't price us out.

    The place was Temptation, our place to go and have fun. The people we met were great and our trip was perfect. regardless to the fit and finish of the completed work or the uncompleted work the people made our trip what it was, Awesome!

    Looking to be heading back in February or June...
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    Nice review!!!! I'm happy they renovated the old TTR was showing its age and I'm sure with some time this place will be great like before. As for pricing Jen and I are going in Feb 2018 and we got an awesome price 2100 usd flight and all for 6 nights...
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    Thank you