Whats your favourite Club?

Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by Kobe, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Kobe

    Kobe Guest

    I only went to four on my trip (Daddy O's/Daddy Rocks, Fat tuesday on a tuesday, Pat o brians on st patricks and La boom) my favourite out of those would have probably been pat obrains, i kinda like the bar seen alittle better than clubs. what bars should i go to next year?

    Oh and whats your favourite club?
  2. Michael F.

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  3. Smitty28

    Smitty28 Guest

    id have to say dady rocks and laboom

    i went to pat obriens in st. patties day but was so trashed and only got a couple drinks cause of the long wait to get served inside sucked royally outside was so so it wasnt as bad to get a drink.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This year I went to :
    The City
    Dady'O and Dady Rock
    La Boom
    Pat Obrien (just 1 hour)
    Fat Tuesday
    Carlos and Charlies

    Very difficul to choose the best one... but I was very impressed by The City!! Huuuge !! Nice light shows and good music... but the show of 50 cent was not as good as I though it would be....

    (btw.... I'll try to write a trip report soon....)
  5. KhAoS

    KhAoS Guest

    Oups.... forgot to login for this one ;) (^previous post ^)
  6. CoCo Bongo was fun.. SwEaTy!!

    But I liked La Boom cuz I met alot of MTV Real Worlders and I'm a fan :roll:
  7. brandonzz

    brandonzz Guest

    bulldogs bar wise but i really liked the city and la boom for there music and dance floors
  8. stud

    stud Guest

  9. Tizzod

    Tizzod Guest

    La Boom
  10. josh245

    josh245 Guest

    Senor Frogs!!! Without a doubt!!
  11. LeahN47

    LeahN47 Guest

    Senor Frogs and La Boom IMO......Easist to get drinks and best atmosphere. Senor Frogs we had the most fun and the drinks are NOT watered down and very yummy!!
  12. LuvCereza

    LuvCereza Guest


    I went into Sr. Frogs a few times and I always feel like everyones MOM in there, even though I don't show my age at all * cough, cough, 36* I look more like 26 in person but I will have these young guys coming on to me and trying to get me in trouble. Then you tell them no, I can't go with you because I am 36 and some will crack me up and say, "I'm over 18 and you can teach me" and their like 19, 20...yea right!!!
    It's fun though listening to the many come ons, very flattering... :D :lol:
  13. PriNcess Ana

    PriNcess Ana Guest

    :D COCO BONGO ...THE CITY is pretty good too!
  14. mugway05

    mugway05 Guest

    Coco Bongo for me as well.
  15. EngineerGuy

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    I dont have a favorite really............................
  16. mugway05

    mugway05 Guest

    I cant believe this thred is over 3 years old
  17. whdream

    whdream Guest

    Well la Boom is closed now, and Fat Tuesdays....

    BUt I don't really like Pat O Brians myself....Would be the last place on my list...I do enjoy Basic though, and Daddy O's and Bulldog
  18. rikib004

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    Jul 11, 2005
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    The city, cos we always get the hook ups....and they always have the biggest best acts FACT
  19. rice

    rice I can choose my own title Registered Member

    Apr 2, 2007
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    dont like coco bongo.. too many shows and so little dancing..

    love senor frog, (never experience something like that), bull dog cafe (thats how i began to love cancun so much, it all starts right there) and dady'o (i really really like the musice they playing over there, more local)...
  20. deeka

    deeka Guest

    Ultra lounge - Dance music!!!!!! :p

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