WINNING PLAN TO SCORE Whats your secret?

Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by mosoexcited, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. mosoexcited

    mosoexcited Guest

    When on Holiday... my english accent seems to win me alot of votes with the ladies.... whats ur secret, i'm thinking of taking some look like Prince william classes...... need alot of work tho..... no blonde hair... bue eyes and rosey skin
  2. Michael F.

    Michael F. Moderator/1st CC Member Registered Member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    Caring for my newborn!
    No secret. Just be yourself and take advantage of your attributes (the accent, for one).
  3. sol_dave

    sol_dave Guest

    i use this line

    "hi im sol_dave from cancun care"

    they reply

    "really wow"

    then im like

    "yeah touch me"

    they do
  4. richieboy

    richieboy Guest

    a fake broad yorkshire accent should go down a treat - hahaha

    ey up love, ow's about'it
  5. mosoexcited

    mosoexcited Guest

    forget the accent

    Hi Im Sol Dave
  6. mosoexcited

    mosoexcited Guest

    Oh yeah..... i got some Crazy shorts too... thats to help grab the ladies attention....... If it was Brighton beach... id wear my Burberry Shorts and Burberry Hat......

    But as its Cancun...... Ive got my Aviator Sunnies and My hot Lips Bermuda shorts........ think that'll help... remeber im new to this holiday thing.

    Been loads of places, but ive had to diguse those trips as business trips...... not easy to pull off a business related call whilst sitting on the pool bar.... at least this time its gonna be me and me shorts... no bosses to disturb
  7. SeanWQ

    SeanWQ Guest

    We were thinking about pretending to be the British universities polo team that is just relaxing after winning the world championships in Argentina. Think it will go done well with the US girls?
  8. EngineerGuy

    EngineerGuy I can choose my own title Registered Member

    Apr 15, 2004
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    Most US girls wouldnt care! Sorry! You shouldn't have to lie to pick up some tail, but.............if u have to in order to, then I guess Id say go for it! lol, 8)
  9. SeanWQ

    SeanWQ Guest

    Dont think burberry is ever a good look!
  10. gd_nimrod

    gd_nimrod Guest

    Using your mouth to form words!!!!111

    Although sometimes i must admit its hard when talking to a gorgeous chick, so just try and not say anything stupid. BTW, drooling doesnt help either :-o
  11. SeanWQ

    SeanWQ Guest

    As a seasoned cancuner, can you recommend the best bars to go to for a rookie like me?
  12. Pipes

    Pipes Guest

    who needs lines? It's all about the eye contact and body language...of course, it wouldn't help to look good and have some charm *hah*

    If you have none of the above...a simple line like

    "My names Pipes...I put out" works from time to time. Well, if you really have a name like Pipes, don't count on that getting you anywhere either.

  13. Dori

    Dori Guest

    Ok...IF I were going to SB and felt the need to get some....I'd just slip into the ole thong and hit the everytime :wink:
  14. Whitesand

    Whitesand Newbie Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2004
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    Must be nice Dori, but that always works for you ladies, at least some of you in thongs.

    There is no secret, just be yourself, have fun with your friends, and be social...everybody on Springbreak is all about having fun and meeting new people. It'll happen if you're social, and you're not uptight about it. The people that think there's a secret, are the people that aren't getting it.
  15. Dwizzo

    Dwizzo Guest

    I plan to just stand there in the middle of the club/bar/oasis/whatever and have the millions of hot spring break chicks who will be there grope me one after another and then just pick a few dozen and head back to my hotel room where of course there will be no security at the front door so we can all just go inside and have a 13-way orgy...

    And if that doesn't work I'll just go ugly, early... 8)
  16. mosoexcited

    mosoexcited Guest

    How long is the flight from the Uk to Cancun? i hate flying........ so Boring....... Whats your best way of entertaining urself on the Plane? got my music..... and six of my Brothers from other mothers with me... might be too much to bare. oh bugger got 2 weeks of it? is that too long for cancun?

    Any Mile High Clubbers here? i cant say that i am.

    15th March... if ur on our flight from gatwick... give us a shout back ....... gonna try start a conga line up the isle.... inflight aerobics
  17. Jodie :-)

    Jodie :-) Guest

    Ok, in answer to your q's......long ass flight, 10 hours, I suggest you sleep, thats what I do :D knock yourself out with some valium and it will be over before you know it. 2 weeks too long? how can a holiday be too long?! 2 weeks is just about right I'd say, its too far to go for anything less than that anyway.

    Mile high club.....hmmmm, that would be telling.....

    Don't fly out until a week after you, so Ill decline your invitation of in-flight party games, although good idea, Im sure the non spring breakers will love it!
  18. mosoexcited

    mosoexcited Guest

    well i have a valium style pill that im saving for the flight.... not sure if it'll put me to sleep but i know i wont have much of a recollection... strawberry heaven here i come....

    10 hours? Oh MyGolly! conga line might not suffice......I'll bring a box of after eights to distrubute on the plane......... thats another tactic i use to get to know ppl on there way to my destination....... giant box of celebrations gets me loads of love on a plane nand should appease the non spring breakers after the antics that im sure will kick off.....
  19. SeanWQ

    SeanWQ Guest

    Whats the best clubs in Cancun?
    I have heard about Senor Frogs and Fat Tuesdays (Not sure if these are clubs or bars). Don't hear much about the clubs - only thing I'v heard is that they are incredibally hot!!
  20. Jodie :-)

    Jodie :-) Guest

    Have you seen the Real Cancun? they go to Fat Tuesday on that, it's good cos there is an outdoor bit. Sr Frogs experience!! Best actual clubs I would say Coco Bongo or The City but depends what kind of thing you like I guess......

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