Yup we're back....

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    Jill and I are returning on July 17 thru the 24.
    This will be our 3rd time to TTR. We started by honeymooning at BBG
    in 2003. We were quite the talk that trip, I'm 24 years older than her
    and she was just 19 in 03. LOL now shes a college professor. They changed
    the age limits in Jan. of 04 so we had to wait to come back.
    Funny how many "looks" we got until we got to partying with everyone.

    We came back for a wet week in 2008. And now by a strange twist of
    fate are coming back to take over again.

    We were planing to attend a family reunion up in "The Dells" in
    Wisconson. But strange family turmoil got the trip cancelled.
    We found out 11pm on the 7th of July. My wife got the email.
    She told me about it and we had an "oh well" attitude about it.
    About an hour later (the wife at the computer the whole time) Jill turns
    around to me and says "we are going back to Temptations".
    Wow I was stunned..."how we goin' pay for that?" I asked.
    Well turns out even though our reunion was paid for by another family
    member my wife had put away money for "fun" side trips and to play
    with while in the Dells. She tells me she got a "Last Chance Deal" from
    Apple Vacations and we had more than enough to go to Cancun.

    So here we come. I hope we can find some others going also. Looked
    at the calender and it didn't look too promising as far as forum friends.

    If your going let us know so we can hook up...ahhhh no no no I mean find
    each other for drinks and cause we love to make new friends.

    We have lost track of a few people we met last time we went. But still
    keep in touch with some from way back on our honeymoon in 2003.

    Has much changed since we were there in 2005? Chinos was leaving the
    week after we were there in 05. "T" was there then also and they were
    breaking in a new girl (short cute) from the midwest near St. Louis.

    Anything we need to look for or be careful of this time around?
    We know about the timeshare crap and have always been able to avoid
    that pain in the butt.

    Love to hear from everyone and can't wait to get to TTR!!

    Jeff n Jill