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Dec 19, 2018
Feb 4, 2012
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Winnipeg, Canada
Him- retired and living the dream. Her- optician


Regular, from Winnipeg, Canada

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Dec 19, 2018
    1. English James
      English James
      Hey guys! I thought I'd stop by and say I'm travelling alone from England on April 11-19 so thought I'd break the ice!
    2. Vlad & Kandi
      Vlad & Kandi
      Looking forward to meeting you. We will be there 15-22 for our second trip.
    3. P&KL
      We are there 12 -22..see you by the pool!
    4. Tom&Heidi
      Thought I recognized you guys! We went to Cabo last yr. Broke my arm in '12 at TTR, but then fell & messed up the back in Cabo! Can't take me anywhere! Doggone slippery floors! Oh, well, all healed & ready to go! Have you checked out Woody's site? We're there 4-4 thru 4-14. You?
    5. canoecpl
      Hi, we are at TTR from the 9-16. Look forward to meeting you there.
    6. twotwotango
      Thanks for the tips about this forum...good info
    7. canoecpl
      We are there for the 9 to 16, see you at the pool!!
    8. WetNMild
      Well, by now you've probably sent the pics to Mary. :) The address is the correct one, in case you haven't. Loved those pictures!!! Wish we all were still there having a great time in the sand and sun. Ok...POOL and! We definitely have to coordinate our plans next year so we can hit the cruise together. Wonderful memories!!! Hope your snow is all gone soon...we're enjoying near 80*F temps this week! YAY!!! Still, it's no Cancun... :D
    9. WetNMild
      LOL! We were wondering if you two got home safely! Next April can't come fast enough. I don't want to wish my life away, but this weather SUCKS! Did you go home to much snow? We had a nice 80* day, but now it's back into the 40's. UGH! Welcome to the real world!!! :( ~Ellen
    10. WetNMild
      Had such a blast with you two again!!! Just wish we'd have had more time together. Hopefully, we can do it again in April 2014! I know Bill will have some limes marinating for Monica!!!! LMAO! xoxo ~Ellen
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    Winnipeg, Canada
    Him- retired and living the dream. Her- optician
    Fun loving 50ish couple looking forward to our seventh trip down April 11-21

    Beer, partying, dancing, laying in the sun. Did we mention beer?