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Apr 7, 2016
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Feb 20, 2019 at 11:01 AM
    1. Tyler and Angie
      Tyler and Angie
      Thanks Shaun, we are still crying over missing you guys. I let Tyler know y'all were thinking of him. We're sitting in the airport waiting on the plane now. I'll post some pics when we get there and during our trip to really get you guys jealous! Tell Bridgette I love her and am thinking of her all the time. Take care and we'll speak soon.
    2. Tyler and Angie
    3. Tyler and Angie
      Tyler and Angie
      Don't have any fears or trepidations about TTR, you guys will have an AWESOME time! The atmosphere is relaxed but upbeat. We'll have to have a cocktail!
    4. Tyler and Angie
      Tyler and Angie
      Hey guys, we're on the July 4th boobs cruise as well. We look forward to meeting you and having some great times.
    5. ShontyB
      Thanks DT its only 13 days and counting for us now and cant wait!!
      we are on the July 4th cruise as we head home on the 10th, see you guys in the sexy pool...
    6. DT
      Hi beautiful couple... our paths will cross at Temptation in July! See you there! BTW, are you going on the cruise?
    7. Nay
      Cool yep we will see you there
    8. R&C
      I know, it's 3 weeks this Wednesday, we are so excited and looking forward to the trip. Can't wait to meet you guys, although I am sure you guys will be a little tired from the trip. So some drinks by the sexy pool sounds like a great idea. We will keep an ear out for the English couple.
    9. R&C
      Hey there, thanks for the friend request. This will be our first trip to TTR too so for sure we will be keeping an eye out for you as we arrive on the same day. We will be the ones in the Canada hats.
    10. WillLFC
      Hi there from Will and Tracy we have the same dates as you and Vegas couple, also flying out of Manchester party starting in the uk then haha
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