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May 10, 2013
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May 7
Cancun, Mexico


Cancuncare Staff, from Cancun, Mexico

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Jan 17, 2018
    1. lovetoshow
      Are you going to post a Boobs Cruse for November 28? We are signed up for this date. I am also new to Cancun Care and cannot seam to find my dates posted. Thanks. Ernie
    2. float
      We are booked for the Nov 7th cruise. Is it going?
      Just needed to see a confirmation on the date so we can relax and not be worried about the trip not going?
      Is there an alternative date? The 12th is too late as we leave on the 12th.
    3. legs2there
      Hi Trina....
      I sent you a message last night but it doesn't look like it went through....
      I was looking to book a catamaran out of Desire Pearl to run south along the coast on Thursday November 13th for about 30 people... Is this something that you would be able to arrange... What would be the cost per person? We have been on several of the booze cruises when staying at Temptation and have always enjoyed ourselves..This time we are travelling with a group called PNB (Party Naked Baby) and we told them about Cancuncare booze cruises and they were all interested.. Could you get back to me at your earliest convenience.... at [email protected]
      With best regards,
    4. linda_whittington
      Hi Trina,
      I would like to talk to you about getting tickets to Xplor and possibly a dolphin excursion. We will be there November 9-14th. My email is [email protected] if you would prefer to contact me though email. We are staying at Golden Parnassus. Thanks! :)
    5. aragincajun
      hi trina, was wondering if you got mo PM messages that i sent you few days ago,cuz i haven't heard anything back from you...thanks charlene
    6. aragincajun
      hi trina, i am not seeing where it tells you what time the transportation returns you or how long the snorkel cruise is. i see there are 3 choices for the tour which i assume is the time they either pick you up or the time the tour starts?,but i don't see anyway to schedule the return or what time they pick you up for the return. any info or website would be great...thanks..charlene
    7. aragincajun
      hi trina, myself and another single female friend are interested in booking a snorkeling tour to puerto morelos on oct 27th. i know there is a boobs cruise on that day,but we were wondering if you knew of anyone else staying at TTR that might be interested in joining us so that we could do a private tour and be able to spend some time at the beach after snorkeling. was thinking about posting and asking on the forum,but figured i would wait till after the boobs cruise posting to see if we knew anyone that might not be going on that day. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks, charlene
    8. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      Hi Trina, Steve said you may know how to help us find a horse back riding adventure on the beach in cancun for Mid March..
    9. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Trina do you think you can help us with setting up a 4 person pick up by usa transfers on Nov 14 ....It's Paul & Jess Marsan and Randy & Wanda Morris. We arrived at 12:35 and they arrive at 12:45pm. Paul and I will need transfer back on Nov 24th. Possible we may have another couple that will head back to airport with us. I will let you know. (Thanks)
    10. Xander1
      Hi Trina,

      Please add us to roll call. We are coming August 27th to September 3rd
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