August 2018 Boobs Cruise Dates

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    August Boobs Cruises to Isla Mujeres

    For August dates and lists of who is going please see the 2nd post, for details of the day and how to book please read on.

    Our boobs cruise uses a 57 or 65 foot luxury catamaran and leaves from and returns directly to Temptation resort.

    Click here to reserve your spot on the boobs cruise.

    We have a full crew of sailors and bartenders plus Captain. We also have a dedicated Entertainment team and DJ consisting of former hotel favourites Chinos, Omar or Sarah69.

    Wild and fun with music that we all know and love. Your drinks are included all day long, and we enjoy lunch at a beautiful Beach Club where adult themed games and prizes are the order of the day.

    For an idea of what's in store first you should check out our official Cancuncare boobs cruise video below:

    Some photos from our Boobs Cruise:

    - Included:
    - reef tax (normally payable extra on similar tours)
    - snorkel over the reef (equipment provided)
    - official orange cancuncare bracelet
    - open bar on the boat all day
    - lunch on the island includes open bar for lunch
    - adult themed entertainment, silly games, prizes etc
    - no kids (not guaranteed on other similar tours)

    Not Included:
    - Tips for the boat crew (optional but encouraged)
    - Souvenirs such as T shirts
    - Kids and boring people.

    We need to have a minimum of 30 people (deposits paid) for this to go ahead so bring your friends and start chatting about it on the forum.

    Our online price is $108 per person. $43 deposit payable in advance, with $65 payable on the day.

    This is $7pp cheaper than the in hotel or walk up price of $115. In hotel and walk up sales are dependent on availability. These cruises often sell out fast so be sure to lock in your places and discount by booking early.

    To pay your deposit and book your place please click the link below

    Cancuncare Boobs Cruise Deposit Payment

    For your balance payable on the day, credit cards are accepted but I would recommend cash, preferably USD rather than pesos.

    Meeting Arrangements:

    We meet directly at the Albatros Marina, adjacent to Temptation at 10am

    For those staying at Temptation, head to the beach and turn left. Walk 200 yds down the beach and you'll arrive at the Marina.

    If you are not staying at Temptation, Albatros Marina can be accessed by road. There is a clearly marked entrance 200yds past the hotel towards downtown.

    It usually takes about 30-40 minutes to take balance payments and give out wristbands, so feel free to grab a coffee or beer and relax. We'll be heading to the boat about 10:30-10:45am.

    Return time about 4:30 pm.

    Please feel free to invite friends you may meet once at the hotel. You do not need to be staying at Temptation to join us, but this cruise is adults (18+) only. Single guys welcome, but no groups larger than 2 please.

    There are no group orgies but you should not be offended by topless ladies, nakedness or adult humour. This cruise is not for prudes!

    Please check our other website: Cancun Boobs Cruise: for more details of our cruise.

    If you use Facebook, please like our Boobs Cruise page for photos of past cruises and updates of future ones.

    Refund Policy
    Full refunds of your deposit will be honored in the following circumstances:
    • Adverse weather conditions causing the cruise to be cancelled (as determined by the Cancun coastguard)
    • Failure to reach sufficient numbers of paid deposits for the cruise to go ahead.
    • Written request to cancel via email to or via forum PM a minimum of 48 hrs before scheduled cruise departure.
    • Cancellation of the cruise for any other reason as determined by

    Check out our Boobs Cruise Bikini - Custom Design from the famous Malibu Strings.
    Click here to Buy

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    August Boobs Cruise Dates are now open for bookings. We'll be running on the following dates
    • Fri 3rd Aug
    • Mon 6th Aug
    • Fri 10th Aug
    • Mon 13th Aug
    • Fri 17th Aug
    • Mon 20th Aug
    • Fri 24th Aug
    • Fri 31st Aug

    Bookings can be made at the following link:
    Cancun Boobs Cruise Booking

    A running list of attendees is below:

    Fri 3rd Aug
    Lawrence Z (1)
    Holly G (2)
    Brittany MacD (2)
    Justin S (2)
    Dwight S (2)
    Bechilling (2)
    Luis G (2)
    Donald and Kristen R (2)
    DT (Danny and Tasha) (2)
    Chase B (2)
    Kevin S (2)
    Isadelis T (2)
    Ali K (2)
    Christie B (2)
    Ynot8686 (2)
    Bigs800 (2)
    Jermaine N Sandra H (2)
    Sandra A (2)

    Hotel Sales:
    04 Gera Barragán
    02 Earl Jacob
    02 Troia Melanie
    02 Cano 1932
    02 Johnstun 9325
    03 Autwell
    02 IYana Wanidob
    02 Toups
    02 Cheramie

    Mon 6th Aug
    Lynda G (2)
    Olivier and Edith (2)
    Lisa DeSt (2)
    Anthony O (2)
    nikku111 (2)
    SexxyFunnCpl (or Paul & Ren) (2)
    Stephen C (1)
    Chrisandkat (2)
    Stephanie P (2)
    Richard B (2)
    Florida Fun Cpl (2)
    Mike & Kathie, Dan & Johnette (4)
    Jeremy V (2)
    Rich and Lynn A (2)
    Sunchillers (2)
    A&A (Aryhel F) (2)
    Nate A (2)
    Ted B (2)
    Steve&Sue (2)
    Megan K (3)
    Cancuncouple01 (2)
    Tito R (2)
    Nathaniel H (2)
    Stefanie & Shilo (2)
    Steven H (2)

    Hotel Sales
    02 Zouza
    02 Ouellette
    01 Rose
    04 Lawrence Taylor and Laura
    02 Jason Garcia

    Fri 10th Aug
    Fake News Team/ Paul and Rayanne (2)
    Jessica and Jackson R (2)
    Tasha S (2)
    David O R (2)
    Bamoore (1)
    Scott&Amy69 (2)
    Jen-Eric (2)
    Mike H (2)
    E. N. Cancun (2)
    Andrea&Mike (2)
    Christopher S (2)
    KFM (2)
    gemini901d (2)
    Victor L (2)
    Tom S (4)
    Lianne & Kris (2)
    Megan B (2)
    Ralston Jr (2)
    Mike and Julia R (2)
    Tony H (2)
    Mike&Krys (2)

    Hotel Sales
    02 Hargrave (190)
    02 Quiroga (190)
    01 Proctor (95)
    02 Avalos (190)
    02 Priester (190)
    02 Mata Troy (190)
    01 Bronshtein (115)
    01 Santana (95)
    01 Isaac Blizzard (95)
    02 Mark / Breanne (190)
    02 Lawrence William (190)

    Mon 13th Aug
    Madre1988 (1)
    Brian and Jacqui K (2)
    jrbirchfield (2)
    Jerome T (2)
    Kyleyoung (5)
    Charles P (2)
    Shannon and Jason (2)
    Ryan P (2)
    Keion A (2)
    Toby u (2)
    Robert & Lisa LaB (2)
    Stephanie P (12)
    KandE (2)
    Chi Chi/HammieJ (2)
    Geraint R (2)

    Hotel Sales
    02 Olson (190)

    Fri 17th Aug
    Brian and Jacqui K (2)
    Bmits- KB an BB (2)
    J Ewing (2)
    Lynn C (4)
    sexjunkies (2)
    Hotty toddy (2)
    Aussie4 (4)
    Marc P (1)
    Jerome W (2)
    VenturaHwy (2)
    jrbirchfield (2)
    Pablo Ro (2)
    Jamie A (2)
    Pablo Sa (2)
    Jen and Mike (2)
    Jamaul B (2)
    Sid T (2)
    Sean S (2)
    Ance P (2)
    Chris B (2)
    Summer Spiva (2)

    Hotel Sales
    02 Voghel 1211
    04 Wall 8312
    02 Ance Zebedee
    03 Rooney Kaitlyn
    02 Desmond num.1424
    02 Tyfane Corlwell 18143

    Mon 20th Aug
    Angel_lisa / Lisa M (2)
    Sam W (2)
    brandic13 (2)
    NaughtyE&S (2)
    Reagan & Kristin (2)
    Ant&Ceri (2)
    Roy L (2)
    Steve & Gina (2)
    Alan and Amy (2)
    Michelle&Paul (2)
    Marc P (1)
    Ccscouple (2)
    Rakesh (2)
    Jordan W (2)
    Jen & Ryan (2)
    Ty C (2)
    Isabelle G (2)
    Yahaira (2)
    Socialcouple4 (2)
    Merica (2)
    Jerry and Chelsea (2)

    Hotel Sales
    02 Carpenter, num 9321
    02 howells num 8324
    01 Sidoris num 8203
    02 Stanford num 8204

    Fri 24th Aug
    Gary W (2)
    Delane W (2)
    Tyler N (2)
    Eric N (2)
    Storm (2)
    Shawn T (2)
    Texasskier (2)
    Robin (2)
    Chris Hors (2)
    Kim G (2)
    Peter and Jennifer P (2)
    Cubano (2)
    Up4gr8fun (2)
    Perry G (2)
    Nick & Amanda (2)
    Brock G Group (13)
    Sam W (2)
    Jamil (2)
    Mannie79 (2)
    Phil B (2)
    Kate&Steve (2)

    Mon 27th Aug Cancelled

    Fri 31st Aug
    papychulo (2)
    Valerie G (2)
    Abe (1)
    NormaSnockers (2)
    Stephanie S steffikins (2)
    Vacouple757 (2)
    Steven W (2)
    Walt and Ginny (2)
    Mark G (2)
    2temptu (2)
    sunchillers (2)
    Tina B (2)
    Jason D (2)
    Michael W (2)
    Terry H (2)
    Wombat (3)
    Hagman (2)
    Out4fun (2)
    FtWorthCouple (2)
    Sassy molassy (2)
    Lamar (2)
    Russ Coleman (2)

    Hotel Sales
    01 Campbell
    01 Luis Izquierdo
    07 Kim Woods 1814
    02 Morin
    03 Byler
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    On or In NormaSnockers..
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    I guess normasnockers signed us up for the cruise on the 31st.. I guess i have to go now.. will there be bingo?
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  4. Delane

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    Going to book for the 24th
  5. FakeNewsTeam

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    Just signed up for Fri Aug 10th ahead of our resevations for Aug9-Aug14 at TTR are confirmed tomorrow.
    Checked today and available so will dot the i’s tomorrow!

    Just a quick trip since we have decided we cannot wait until Halloween!
    Will do Nov 2 or 5 or both BC then too.
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    Change in Boobs Cruise Meet Up Arrangements

    From June 1st we will now be meeting for the boobs cruise directly at the Albatros Marina, adjacent to Temptation instead of the towel hut inside the resort. The meet up time of 10am is unchanged.

    For those staying at Temptation, head to the beach and turn left. Walk 200 yds down the beach and you'll arrive at the Marina.

    If you are not staying at Temptation, Albatros Marina can be accessed by road. There is a clearly marked entrance 200 yds past the hotel towards downtown.
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    Skipped my last 2 available cruises due to burnout. Fuck that happening again, booked a birthday cruise on the 10th. See all of you there
  8. Deleted member 42313

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    No better way to start Friday then booking the boob cruise! Can't wait for August 20th! Bring on the DRUNKEN, WET, CRAZINESS! :):p:D
  9. Madre1988

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    I believe I booked and paid my deposit for August 13 th but I don't recall receiving a confirmation.

    Should I be expecting one still?
  10. RobandAshley

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    @Steve do you know if Chino will be on the Aug 3rd cruise? Thanks!
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