Big Sexy Trip Report - abbreviated version

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    Good evening all,

    I wanted to hit a few high points, and will be back later to add a more elaborate trip report, but the high points:

    1. Shot machine 2.0 was not a complete success, but when filled with Blue M====f-----r and wet p---y shots did look like a rocket pack out of Captain America. it added entertainment value and has been left for use at the resort. I have high hopes it will end up with Chinos on the Boobs cruise.
    2. Widowmaker pong, or beer pong where every ball shot (make or missed) is accompanied by drinking a shot is a bad idea.
    3. Too much blue and red can lead to interesting concoctions in the shot laboratory. two were good (p---y juice and the rufi-colada (thanks Samantha for the name)) and one was not. the formula has a patent pending but I am sure the Armando or Pedro can provide you a sample... lol.
    4. The sports pool is a fun place to visit.... particularly at night and Thursday afternoon
    5. it is possible to build a 60 cup tall shot tower (picture to be added shortly). That may be a record... lol. if not certainly collecting over 1000 shots in a 8 day period is.
    6. on the second to last night I met a couple who were equal breaking bad fans to me, and matched my "yeah bitch, shots!!".... lol. rarely does a "newbie" or "newbies" hang but Kurt and Cortney did so... I was impressed.
    7. "carnitas para Ratones" is a term of endearment, as is "comida para vampiros mutantes".... lol

    more to come later, but chew on those tidbits!! hehehe
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    Great meeting you guys. .. Even though we spent a good bit of time running from the shots lol
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    HAHAHAHAHA, not sure how this was ever going to play out as a good idea.