Lush Tower Or Bash Tower?

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    Just to clarify, there's only one tower, and it's 'U' shaped. The only difference between Bash and Lush tower rooms, is that the Lush ones have the jacuzzis on the balconies, and are slightly bigger, because they are positioned at the bottom/center of the U, and therefore are facing directly straight out to the ocean. Bash rooms run along the sides of the U, facing inwards and are slightly angled towards the ocean.

    In terms of quiet rooms, it's funny that you seem to get more noise coming under the doors from the hallways (from noisy people walking by, the giant A/C fans, etc) than from the balcony side/Bash (as most people assume). Most tower rooms are actually shielded from noise from Bash/resort due to the design of the lobby roof. The rooms towards the ends of the U (the suites and the lowest and highest numbered Bash rooms, eg. the 2201-2203/2222-2224) tend to get some noise from Bash because they are past the lobby roof part, but also have the best views of the party/pool/beach.

    We always stay in the tower, and try to request a higher floor. IMO, it's worth the extra for the nicer/larger rooms, breakfast on the balcony is spectacular, access to the rooftop bar Sky 3.5 (if you're not already a member/referral), and I find it the quickest and easiest access to/from the pool/Bash, especially with the elevator in heels - the GV/OV rooms can be pretty far with lots of stairs along the way.

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