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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by BandA, Apr 13, 2019.

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    I bought a WW Sailor Stripe bikini for my wife, but the sizing is completely wrong. Rather than send it back for a refund I am offering at a loss and wanted to see if anyone here wants it. This is new, with tags, not even tried on.


    Top: 312 Sailor Stripe Navy size medium
    Bottom: 251 Sailor Stripe (Brazilian) navy extra small

    I can provide pictures, shipping slip, email from the order, etc if needed. Asking $80 and I will pay for shipping inside of the United States. This bikini was over $100 shipped, so you would be saving $20 and get it a lot quicker than waiting for WW to ship and make it here from Australia.

    Steve, feel free to delete this if it is not allowed but wanted to offer it here first before trying to ship it back.
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