Only an hour from Cancun, Xcaret is one of several eco parks within touching distance. Most people visit Xcaret with an all inclusive tour, however, if you're adventurous you can make your own way there. An underground river journey takes you for over a kilometer to emerge next to the gorgeous Xcaret beach. Explore the park, see turtles, the aquarium, big cats, butterfly pavilion and swim with dolphins.

Don't miss the fantastic night show for a chance to see the ancient Mayan 'football' game and enjoy a spectacular pageant in the amphitheater that gives a unique view of Mexico's rich and varied culture and history.

There are also a multitude of optional activities at Xcaret that you can take part in to truly make your visit memorable.

What to See and Do at Xcaret

Surrounded by tropical jungle and wildlife you can laze in the natural lagoon. Hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish and the sound of birds floating on the air from nearby islands makes Xcaret a natural paradise. Easy access to the water for children and physically challenged makes this fun for all.

Xcaret has a fantastic aquarium which educates you about various types of reefs and their importance, along with plenty of fish. Saltwater flows freely between the aquarium and the Caribbean, bringing along a variety of marine life. Great for kids.

Get up close with a turtle or two, three of the 7 species found in Mexico green turtles, loggerhead and kemp turtles can be seen here in a natural setting from tiny babies to enormous grand daddies.

Swim with the Dolphins?

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The cold water of two naturally occurring underground rivers provides a sharp contrast to that of the sea and is an ideal way to freshen up. Life jackets and locking bags are provided at the river entrance and your belongings will be transported by donkey to await you at the end of your swim. There are many exits and stopping points along each river so it is easy to take a break and either rest or explore. Even non swimmers will enjoy this.

Tours to Xcaret
Butterfly Xcaret
Swim with Dolphins at Xcaret
Xcaret Beach

The butterfly pavilion is considered one of the world’s largest, with waterfall, flowering plants and free-flying butterflies, the population is self sufficient. Walk amongst thousands of butterflies in a setting that you wouldn't realize is enclosed. See and learn all about bats in the dark and mysterious cave at the end of the lagoon. Fruit and insect eating bats can be seen and you will learn about their vital part in jungle reforestation and insect population control.

As you walk the park’s leisure trails, you'll come across many animals. White tailed and temazate deer, coati, badger and spider monkeys live on their own islands. Watch a family of howler monkeys leaping from one treetop to the next and look out for the jaguars and pumas.

Xcaret Tour
Turtle at Xcaret
Xcaret Butterfly

Take a tour of the eight Mayan buildings and learn more about the ancient Maya. Travel back in time to the Maya which rings an ancient altar. See a traditionally dressed weaver creating handicrafts on-site and a crafter reproducing animals and gods from fallen wood. Taste some Mayan food home cooked by a lovely little old Mayan woman in her authentic house. Tour the Museum’s displays of contemporary and classic art from modern and ancient Mexico, including paintings and pottery and finish by visiting the museum store which sells everything from curios to Mayan textiles.

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