Cancun Airport Transfers

Cancun Airport Transfers

USA Transfers Vans and Staff


Booking Cancun airport transfers ahead of time ensures that your Cancun vacation starts off the quickest way possible. If airport transfer is not included in your trip, or even if it is, booking a private transfer will give your vacation the fastest possible start.

Don’t get besieged by scores of guys grabbing at your bags and forcing you to use their overpriced service, make things simple and reserve private Cancun airport transfers ahead of time.

Private Cancun Airport Transfers to Cancun Area with USA Transfers
Cancun Hotel Zone BOOK HERE From $55 return, $35 one way
Downtown Cancun BOOK HERE From $55 return, $35 one way
Isla Mujeres BOOK HERE From $65 return, $40 one way
Puerto Juarez BOOK HERE From $65 return, $40 one way
Puerto Morelos BOOK HERE From $70 return, $40 one way
Bahía Petempich BOOK HERE From $60 return, $35 one way
Private Cancun Airport Transfers to Riviera Maya with USA Transfers
Akumal BOOK HERE From $130 return, $80 one way
Playa del Carmen (incl Cozumel) BOOK HERE From $110 return, $60 one way
Playa Mujeres BOOK HERE From $70 return, $45 one way
Playa Paraiso BOOK HERE From $80 return, $50 one way
Puerto Aventuras & Xpu Ha BOOK HERE From $120 return, $70 one way
Tulum BOOK HERE From $175 return, $100 one way
Private Cancun Airport Transfers Further Afield with USA Transfers
Chichen Itza Hotels BOOK HERE From $550 return, $300 one way
Chiquila & Isla Holbox BOOK HERE From $400 return, $200 one way
Merida BOOK HERE From $900 return, $450 one way

With a private Cancun Airport transfer you will have your own private van exclusive to your group. For our transfers we partner with USA Transfers. Brant, the owner and Canadian by birth, has been in business for more than 15 years in Cancun and enjoys a great reputation for customer service and value for money prices. You don’t even have to pay a cent up front, just pay our driver when he drops you off at your hotel!

With us, there’s no waiting for other people to fill up the van and no dropping off at other hotels along the way. Just direct to your hotel as soon as you are ready, by the shortest possible route.

You’ll be met by a uniformed driver holding a sign who will help load your bags and within minutes you’ll be on your way to your hotel leaving others on your flight bemused as they fight off the hordes. Watch with a smirk as those on your flight queue to check in while you’ve already bagged the best room, changed and already enjoying a piña colada!

If you’re not sure which area exactly your hotel is please use this hotel locator link. This link can also be used if you wish to set up a transfer that doesn’t start or finish at the airport and transfers that involve more than two movements.

Cancun Airport Transfers FAQ

Where do I find the driver?

As soon as you exit Cancun airport look for a ‘greeter’ wearing a USA Transfers uniform and holding a sign bearing the company name and logo. There is always at least one greeter at the airport. Make yourself known to the greeter and then driver will be called to bring the vehicle over from its nearby parking area. The greeter will then help you with your luggage and take you to your vehicle. This information is all included on the voucher we send you upon booking.

How do I pay, to who and when?

For arrivals and round trip Cancun airport transfers pay the driver upon arrival at your hotel in full. Other services such as departure only, hotel to hotel services or services not involving the airport have to be prepaid. Amounts shown are in US Dollars. We can’t accept coins, torn or marked bills, nor traveler checks. Mexican pesos are acceptable, subject to the prevailing exchange rate on the day.

If you prefer to pay online in advance simply email us when you receive your voucher and we will send you a payment link that you can use a debit or credit card to pay.

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Special deal for Canadians!

We accept Canadian Dollars (cash only) at a very generous rate of 1.25 CAD = 1 USD for those clients who fly into Cancun using any of the following airlines: WESTJET, AIR CANADA, AIR TRANSAT or SUNWING only. To simplify things we round down to the nearest $0 or $5. Example the USD balance of $65 x 1.25 equals $81.25 CDN. We would ask for $80 CDN. Please pay the driver EXACT money if paying in Canadian as we do not carry CDN change. Anything more will be considered a tip.

What if we can not find our driver or greeter?

We always have staff there. If they aren’t immediately visible chances are they are helping another customer load their luggage into their vehicle. The arrival e-voucher we will send you upon booking contains a toll-free number you can dial from the airport. Just find one of the 5 LADATEL phones that are present within 30 yards of where you will be, dial the number and we will find him for you.

Should I call the 1-800 number to confirm my departure?

No. The 1-800 number is solely for those at the airport. In addition your hotel will charge around $10 usd just to connect you to a 1-800 number which will then be forwarded to the  arrival guys at the airport, not the office or the departure guys. The e-voucher contains our local numbers, email, etc.

Will the driver have our EP card or sunblock (if ordered)?

Yes. That’s the easiest way for us to get extra stuff you ordered to you right at the start of your trip.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Don’t worry! We monitor your flight and if it is late we will know. No need to contact us. You should, however, contact us if you will arrive on a different flight than the one originally stated.

Do you have child seats?

Yes we do. However, we cannot 100% guarantee we will have it on the vehicle.  Sometimes flights are delayed, traffic may cause delays, changes in schedules etc could mean that the vehicle intended for you with the child seat is held up. 99 % of the time it is no problem, but there may be a rare occasion that is out of our control. The child seats we use are the front facing baby-style, rated for kids of up to 40 lbs We do not have the booster-style seats and only 2 child seats per vehicle.

Can you take us to a supermarket or restaurant in Cancun before going to our hotel?

Yes! Please email us with your request, and we will give you a quote for any restaurant in Cancun. If you’d like to stop at a supermarket it is an extra $30 for each hour or partial hour. Usually 1 hour is plenty, but please book ahead of time. We will take you to the most convenient store on the way to your hotel. We can also go to, from and between hotels, parks, shopping etc.

How do I know you have my reservation?

You will receive 3 e-mails from us. The first is just to say we have received your booking. Once your details have been entered into the system you will receive a voucher for the arrival portion and a separate email for the return trip. The two vouchers contain all directions, phone numbers, amounts due etc. If you do not receive a voucher within 24 hours, please email us.

Can you take people to other places or just Cancun?

We take you almost anywhere! Please see the table above. Email us for a price if you don’t see your destination.

How much should I tip?

A couple of dollars to the guy who greets you. Drivers, like waiters must earn their tips. If he assists you with your bags, is friendly and helpful and chats along the way, or leaves you alone if that is what you prefer then you should tip him. Drivers do rely on tips but they understand that tips are earned and not a right. At the end of the day, you can tip whoever, however much you want.

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