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About Us

Cancuncare.com has been online since 2002, and is run by Steve and Jannet Wright who are now lucky enough to call Cancun home. Here’s the story of how they met and how Cancuncare came to being.

Steve and Jannet Meet

In 1997 Steve, originally from the UK, visited Cancun with his best friend on holiday. They had such a good time they returned a year later, this time with 3 more friends.

One Friday night the group visited a night club called Dady Rock. Steve spotted a shy, 21 yr old, Mexican girl called Jannet sitting at a table with her friends and went over to talk.

Jannet and Steve got on well and spent the next few nights enjoying the nightlife in Cancun.

In October 1998 Jannet visited England for 2 weeks and in the summer of 1999 Steve returned to Cancun for 2 weeks. This time by himself, to spend the entire time with Jannet.

Jannet moved to the UK full time in September 1999 and in March 2000 Janet and Steve were married.

The next few years were spent doing what newly married couples do, buying a house furnishing it, concentrating on careers etc.

Cancuncare Begins

In August 2002 Steve decided to build a website about Cancun. At first, just a few pages of Cancun related information and some scanned in holiday pics of places they’d visited.

In those days there were no online tutorials, no YouTube, no one click WordPress installs. Instead, Steve bought a teach yourself HTML book. No, not online from Amazon but from a real bookstore!

Cancuncare was started with the aim of providing honest, straightforward advice about vacations in Cancun. Plus offering services that Jannet and Steve used themselves and were happy with.

Steve added more and more pages to Cancuncare, and much to his surprise the site started to attract visitors.

The Cancun forum that Steve was a member at became more and more toxic and suffered from poor moderation. Steve thought he could do better and started his own. The Cancuncare Forum still exists today although has gone through several iterations since those early days.

Fast forward two years and in September 2004 Jannet and Steve decided to move to Cancun to run Cancuncare full time.

In 2008, they started their own tour – the Cancun Boobs Cruise, an adult only topless optional catamaran tour

Today, Jannet and Steve still live in Cancun and now have two children aged 14 and 8.

They still hold those same initial ‘cancuncare values’ in providing honest, value for money tourism related services and advice.

They hope Cancuncare continues for many more years to come and continues creating hundreds more friendships for fun times in Cancun!