Xel Ha

Xel Ha meaning 'where the water is born' is approximately 75 miles south of Cancun and within 8 miles of the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Xel Ha can best be described as a natural aquarium and there is no shortage of things to see and do, both those offered as part of your park entrance fee and optional activities such as dolphin swims.

Most people visit Xel Ha as part of a tour, but if you prefer to do things independently it's not difficult to find your own way there.

What to See and Do at Xel Ha

The inlet at Xel Ha is a large enclosed area of sea bounded on sides by rocks and divided from the open ocean by an 80 meter floating bridge. Within the inlet, depth varies but is usually around 12 feet.

A wide variety of underwater wildlife can be viewed in the sheltered waters and with no current. Numerous lifeguards are on hand at Xel Ha to further ensure your safety.

By the floating bridge is where the water becomes deeper, here you can feed massive fish and swim amongst them. Snorkeling at the floating bridge is the best spot at Xel Ha in my opinion.

Swim with the Dolphins?

If you're looking to swim with the dolphins at Xel Ha then please click below

On the ocean side of the floating bridge is where the dive, snuba and sea trek optional activities take place.

Take a walk along the myriad of paths through the tree nurseries where trees of all shapes and sizes are nurtured and provide home to iguanas and other native wildlife. Explore the mangrove forests the only trees that grow in saltwater or float along the underground river.

Xel Ha
Iguana at Xel Ha
Xel Ha Cancun
Xel Ha Mangroves

Relax on the 300yds of fine sandy beach equipped with free loungers and hammocks and take in the spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea or perhaps ease those tired muscles with a professional massage at the Xel Ha spa.

For the more adventurous jump from courage cliff a 5 meter drop into the warm but refreshing ocean waters. With rope swings, an adventure playground and a suspended rope crossing above water kids will love Xel Ha too.

The Inlet - Xel Ha
Parrots at Xel Ha
Sunset at Xel Ha
Coconut Palm at Xel Ha

Xel Ha offers six different restaurants from fast food to Mexican and Italian, some offering live music. Browse the souvenir stands and examine the local handmade crafts. Information booths, showers, lockers and full handicapped and stroller access means that there is something for everyone at Xel Ha.

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