Cancun Tours - Playa del Carmen Day Trip

Playa del Carmen is pretty easy to get to yourself.

But if you have kids in tow, dont know where the bus station is downtown or just a little wary of traveling by yourself in a foreign country then you may prefer the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at your hotel.

The Playa del Carmen day trip is a full day out and will give you approximately 8 hours in the resort.

Playa del Carmen Beach

It's only 40 miles from Cancun so travel time is usually less than an hour. There is plenty of time to shop, or take a snorkel or dive trip.

If you prefer you could just laze on the fantastic beach and a enjoy a couple of drinks, before heading off to 5th Avenue for a bite to eat in one of the multitude of restaurants and bars.

There's even enough time for a quick trip over to Cozumel if you desire.


Playa del Carmen Day Trip

Your Tour Includes:

  • Pick up between 7:00-7:30am (depending on your hotel) and taken to the check-in point in Cancun.
  • Depart at 8:15am you go directly to Playa del Carmen.
  • English speaking guide if required
  • Depart from Playa at 6pm return to Cancun around 7pm
  • Daily tours except Sunday

Playa del Carmen Day Trip:

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Lifeguard at Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Restaurant

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