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Chichen Itza Tours

Do you want Wonders of the World? We’ve got one! Just a couple of hours from Cancun our selection of Chichen Itza Tours will surely have something to suit all.

Chichen Itza has mystified people for hundreds of years. If you have to pick one day trip during your Cancun vacation then Chichen Itza has to be it. A three hour journey, but worth every minute, takes you to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Chichen Itza tours are probably the best way of seeing the famous site and we offer [adrotate banner=”16″]different tour options to suit all pockets. I really wouldn’t recommend you travel there via hire car. The journey is long, the roads are for the most part deserted, gas stations are infrequent and there are also tolls to negotiate which are quite expensive. It is also very very easy to get lost.

Private Chichen Itza tours are also available and these may work out more suitable if you have a larger group or prefer the personal touch. With a private tour you can also visit the additional sites of the Ik Kil cenote and/or Ek Balam and/or Coba.

All Chichen Itza tours include lunch and a folklore show at a nearby hotel with air conditioned transport, professional English speaking guide, a stop at a refreshing cenote for a swim and all entrance fees, road tolls and taxes.

Chichen Itza was named as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World in 2007. More than just a pyramid, Chichen Itza once was an entire city that was mysteriously abandoned. Located in the neighboring state of Yucatan among lush tropical rain forest it is approximately 3 hours from Cancun by road.

One of the most famous phenomena in the World occurs at Chichen Itza twice a year. During the Spring and Autumn Equinox the sun is in exactly the correct position to cast a shadow which resembles a snake descending to the ground.

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The shadow joins up perfectly with the carved stone snakes head at the base of the pyramid.

If you can’t make it during the equinox don’t worry as this is recreated nightly in the awesome sound and light show after dusk.

Chichen Itza was built around 600AD which is almost 1,500 years ago! The main pyramid El Castillo has 91 steps on each of it’s four side leading to the throne room at the top making a total of 365. The pyramid was actually built on top of a smaller pyramid and this was only discovered as recently as the 1930’s and contained a Chac Mool statue and a temple in the shape of a Jaguar.

At the present time you are no longer allowed to climb El Castillo, often this is attributed to structural damage from Hurricane Wilma in 2005, but of course Chichen Itza survived Wilma just as it has survived other hurricanes for thousands of years. Sadly, the true reasons are erosion from thousands of feet on the steps, graffiti carved into the temple at the summit and accidents where people have either accidentally fallen or deliberately jumped from the top.

El Castillo isn’t the only interesting feature to be found at Chichen Itza. The Mayan Ballpark, the Temple of the Warriors, the Cenote of Sacrifice and the Observatory provide other spectacular scenes from a world long forgotten.

Beware, Chichen Itza is far inland and you will find the temperature considerably hotter than your beach side hotel. Take plenty of water and sturdy footwear is a must.

Outside of the main Chichen Itza complex you will find a typical Mayan village a short walk away. Here you will find some very cheap restaurants, why not stop off for an authentic Yucatan meal? Beware the mass of street sellers, many barely old enough to talk. A simple No Gracias should be enough to dissuade them from bothering you, but the handicrafts they sell (often crafted by their own mothers and fathers) are authentic and cost next to nothing.

Chichen Itza Tours Options

Chichen Itza Tours

Chichen Itza Tour: Classic
The classic Chichen Itza Tour is the best priced tour. Lunch is included as is a stop at a cenote in addition to a full guided tour of the ruins and free time … More details

Chichen Itza Tours

Chichen Itza Private Tours
A Private Tour is exclusive just for your group and is the ultimate way to enjoy Chichen Itza. With a private tour you choose the itinerary and stops … More details

Tours to Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza + Ik Kil Private Tours
As the Private Tour but with a bonus visit to the amazing natural sinkhole known as Ik Kil Cenote. Again, you choose the itinerary and stops … More details

Cenote Ik Kil

Chichen Itza, Ik Kil and Ek Balam Private Tours
Two Mayan ruins sites and the amazing cenote Ik Kil. Unlike Chichen Itza you can still climb the ruins at Ek Balam … More details

Chichen Itza Tours

Chichen Itza, Ik Kil and Coba Private Tours
Two different sites and the cenote Ik Kil. Ek Balam is in the south of the Riviera Maya making it convenient for those staying in the Playa del Carmen area … More details