Cancun Boobs Cruise

The Cancun Boobs Cruise operated by is the wildest adult party cruise to Isla Mujeres for couples and a few select singles. Open-minded adults from all over the world come together for fun and to let go of their inhibitions. We party all day long on board our luxury 57 foot catamaran. We cruise the turquios waters of the Caribbean between Cancun and the island of Isla Mujeres.

See for yourself what makes our boobs cruise different than all the other Cancun cruises!

The cruise runs when we have enough people, usually 1-3 times per week. The minimum is 25 peeps and our maximum is 65. During the high seasons the cruise runs every 3-4 days and during the quieter times we try to run once per week. Most of the people on the boobs cruise stay at Temptation Resort in Cancun and are members of our Temptation forum message board. If you are staying at a different hotel you can still join the cruise. Just take a taxi or bus to Temptation Resort at KM 3.5 in the Hotel Zone.

Of course open bar and a buffet lunch are included. We party all day with non stop music by our DJ and a rockin sound system that blasts all other boats out of the water. Chinos heads up our famous entertainment staff and the crew will ensure that you have a great time and your drink is never empty.

If a cruise that is wild & fun with dancing, skinny dipping, music, drinks all day long, lunch on the beach and adult themed games and prizes sounds good to you, then book the CancunCare Boobs Cruise! If you are looking for the REGULAR cruise to Isla Mujeres click here instead.


Boobs Cruise Includes:

  • Open Bar, bartenders
  • Buffet lunch on the beach with open bar
  • Snorkeling on the reef, snorkel gear, reef tax
  • Fun adult games on the beach
  • 1 Hour free time on Isla Mujeres (drinks not included)
  • Skinny-dipping in the ocean
  • Official orange CancunCare bracelet
  • Music, dancing, adult-themed entertainment, don't want to miss this!

Price is $92 per person. We require a deposit of $37; balance of $55 payable on the day of cruise.

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**Does not include tips to the crew, souvenirs, kids, boring people.

Boobs Cruise Video

For an idea of what's in store first you should check out our official Cancuncare booze cruise video below:


Cancun Boobs Cruise Book Now

Boobs Cruise Photos

We can also arrange private charters for just your group. Our itinerary is easily adaptable to suit your group. We can make it as wild or as tame as you wish. Just email us for more info on private cruises.

Cancun Boobs Cruise Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just show up for the cruise?

No, you cannot buy tickets at the hotel for this cruise, nor from anywhere else in Cancun. It is a private cruise and only available online here to those who have prebooked in advance.

Can I pay the balance with credit card?

There is a $30 deposit due at time of booking and a balance payment of $45 due on the morning of the cruise. Credit cards are accepted (surcharge may apply), however I would recommend cash, preferably US Dollars.

Where do we meet?

We meet at 10:00 am at Paty O Bar, just off the lobby at Temptation Resort. It usually takes 30 minutes check everyone it and give out wristbands. You can grab a coffee or beer and relax during this time. We head over to the boat about 10:30 am.

I'm not staying at Temptation Resort. Can I still go on the Boobs Cruise?

Yes. Most people that join our cruise are staying at Temptation Resort, however you can still book the cruise. Just get yourself to our meeting point at Paty O bar, Temptation by bus or taxi. When you arrive to Temptation just tell the security staff or bell boys at the hotel entrance that you are here for the boobs cruise and they will know to direct you to the Paty O bar which is just off the lobby. Please do not by offended by topless ladies and adult humor.

What time do we get back to Cancun?

We return about 5:30pm.

Can anyone go on the cruise?

The cruise is open to anyone who posts on cancuncare forum and their group. Feel free to invite friends you may meet once at the hotel. You do not need to be staying at Temptation to join us, but this cruise is adults (18+) only.

Is it couples only or can singles go on the cruise?

Single ladies are always welcome. Single guys are also allowed, but in no larger groups than 2 please.

What should we expect on the Boobs Cruise? How freaky does it get?

There are no group orgies but do not be offended by topless ladies, occasional nakedness or adult humour. The boobs cruise is not for prudes!

Do I have to go topless?

No, of course not! There is never any pressure to do anything you don’t want to do. Most ladies do go topless but there are always some who don’t and that is just fine.

Can I get naked?

Yes, of course! There are no restrictions or pressure to do whatever you want to do. We usually have a couple people who do go naked each trip, however it is not the majority. We also have our skinny dipping spot where you are more than welcome to swim naked in the ocean(and many do!)

Is this for swingers only?

Not at all! On any given cruise we have some swingers but many more non swingers. Experienced swingers are almost always respectful and will not bother you if you are not interested. If you are looking for a swingers only cruise, check out our Cancun Swingers cruise that will be starting soon.

What drinks are available?

We stock Corona Beer, Tequila, Vodka & Rum in addition to mixers and purified water. These same drinks are included at the beach club bar during lunch. The beach club also serves premium alcohol and bottled beer for an extra charge.

Will I get seasick?

The area we sail in is between the Cancun mainland and Isla Mujeres. This section of ocean is sheltered and usually not rough. The catamaran's design makes it stable and the side-to-side rocking motion you experience with a single hulled boat is virtually non-existent. From time to time some people do get seasick. If you are susceptible to seasickness we suggest you take Dramamine one hour before we leave and drink a ginger ale. Also try to take it easy on the alcohol the night before. These things all help mild to moderate seasickness.

Can I smoke on the boat?

Yes smoking is allowed, but only right at the back of the boat on the steps. Please ask for a ‘Mexican ashtray’ and do not throw cigarette butts into the ocean.

Refund Policy

Full refunds of your deposit will be honored in the following circumstances:

  • Adverse weather conditions causing the cruise to be cancelled (as determined by the Cancun coastguard)
  • Failure to reach minimum numbers of paid deposits for the cruise to go ahead.
  • Written request to cancel via email to or via forum PM a minimum of 48 hours before scheduled cruise departure.
  • Cancellation of the cruise for any other reason as determined by
  • No shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice forfeit the deposit.