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Coco Bongo Cancun

Coco Bongo Cancun

Coco Bongo, Mexico meets Las Vegas!

Coco Bongo is probably the most popular nightclub for Cancun tourists to visit and has been established for many years. While it’s probably not a place you’ll want to visit every night of your vacation the shows are amazing and have to be seen at least once.

Boasting a capacity of around 3,000 it’s a decent size too. Coco Bongo is situated in the heart of the Cancun Party Center and offers a mix of music and live shows. Coco Bongo’s unique concept blends Cirque de Soleil, artist impersonators, crazy waiters and booze!

Coco Bongo is for all ages, don’t expect the place to be just twenty-somethings, and there’s even a kids show on Wednesday afternoons where the open bar serves only soda and juice! It’s always a good idea to arrive early as the club fills quickly and good vantage points become scarce after 11pm.

Doors open around 10:30pm nightly.

Upon entrance a series of escalators takes you up to the top of the club where you then make your way into the stadium style nightclub. The club consists of a main stage high up to the front with a central bar which serves the dual purpose of drink service plus offers a convenient podium for dancing on.

Watch out ladies! If you’re wearing a short skirt as sometimes jets of carbon dioxide are shot up in the air by the bartenders, you may end up showing a little more than you intended.

The club also has three or so tiers of seating, with the lower areas having bleacher style benches and private tables occupying the upper levels. What seems like hundreds of waiters attend to the clubbers. A well placed tip at the beginning of the night ensures you’ll get good service all night long and don’t have to queue at the bar for your drinks.

The show begins around 11.00pm and is often opened by a Robbie Williams impersonator. Other look alike mime artists include Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lou Bega (Mambo No 5). Set against a constant stream of bubbles, balloons, ticker tape, falling from the ceiling it’s a spectacular sight. Scantily clad dancers, trumpeters and drummers complement the acts.

There are also a couple of Cirque De Soleil style shows consisting of guys who hang from sheets above the crowded bar and perform synchronized gymnastic and acrobatic routines. Beetlejuice and The Mask provide additional entertainment as they literally fly around the club and dispense drinks of tequila mix direct from the bottle to waiting mouths.

Around 2am the show is pretty much over but the night continues with a mix of 80′, 90’s and latin pop to suit all tastes. All in all Coco Bongo is a not a place you’d probably want to visit every night of your vacation in Cancun but everyone should experience this unique concept at least once.