Money in Cancun | Guide to Cancun Currency

The best way to deal with your money in Cancun is something that puzzles not only the first time tourist.

With a thousand different places to exchange your money and two different widely used currencies in Cancun it can be a daunting task to make sure you not only get the best value but avoid getting ripped off too.

Everything you need to know about Cancun currency. Should you use Dollars or Pesos ? How to avoid losing out on the exchange rate and why Pesos will save you money. Find out more here!

Have you ever wondered about how to tip in Cancun? When it is expected and when it isn’t? We have advice about tipping at your hotel, nightclubs, restaurants and taxi drivers.

There are lots of scams in Cancun. Whether it be timeshares, taxis, restaurants, bars, shopkeepers, ATM or credit card there always seems to be someone who wants to make a fast buck.

Find out about Pesos and what the banknotes and coins look like before you go. Pesos  are the best way to go in Cancun if you don’t want to give up 10% or more by using just Dollars

If you want to maximize your vacation in Cancun you should also be looking to cut down on unnecessary expenses.  Check out our guide to finding the best exchange rate and save some money!