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The CUN Crawl for Cancun and the Playa Crawl in Playa del Carmen are great ways to experience the best in Cancun nightlife. Visit three of the best clubs in one night with no cover charges and "all you can drink". Escorted by an English speaking guide, who will fetch your drinks and ensure your safety, the Party Hopper Bar Crawl is a fun way to safely experience the nightlight of Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Ideal for those who have only a short stay, you can sample 3 unique clubbing atmospheres for one all inclusive price and perhaps choose your favourite to return to later in your stay.

For those on a budget, open bar prices are normally around $40 per club. Why pay $40 to visit one club when for a few dollars more you could enjoy three!

Safe and friendly, our tour takes you to the hottest clubs/bars of the night- making sure we’re hitting the most-happening spot on any given evening.

Does NOT Include: Transportation from your hotel, meals, tips. We don’t need to use a bus to move you from club to club or walk for long distances since most of the clubs are near each other.

CUN Crawl or Playa Crawl

Your Tour Includes:

  • We select the 3 hottest bars and clubs of the given night
  • Available every night
  • Tour size usually no more than 15 people per guide
  • All you can drink for 5 hours
  • VIP Entrance (no lines)
  • VIP Reserved Tables
  • Cover charges included
  • VIP bottle service in selected venues*

CUN Crawl Cancun Bar Tour:

Check Price and book online here.

Playa Crawl Playa del Carmen Bar Tour:

Check Price and book online here.


  • Minimum age 18 years. Photo ID required
  • Cancun Party Hopper Tour
  • Hours 10:00 PM to 3:00AM. If you want to stay longer at the last club you can.
  • We recommend you do the Bar Crawl your first night in town. That way you sample the nightlife and if you decide to go out again you know exactly where to go.
  • This tour may not be available on specific dates or venues may change during Special Events.
  • Meeting Point: At the entrance of our first club of the night at exactly 10PM. Your guide will be wearing a shirt with the CUN Crawl / Playa Crawl logo on it. If you cannot find him, just ask the door person for CUN Crawl / Playa Crawl. He will point you to us.


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