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Senor Frogs Cancun

Senor Frogs Cancun

Senor Frogs, restaurant by day and party by night is a popular spot for those on vacation in Cancun. In addition to the flagship site in Cancun, which opened in 1989, there are also Senor Frogs venues at Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel.

The restaurant opens at midday and continues through until midnight serving international type food such as pizza, pasta, steak, chicken and of course Mexican dishes such as fajitas and enchiladas.

The restaurant at Senor Frogs has capacity for up to 300 customers and is suitable for children during daylight hours. Once the evening descends though it becomes quite rowdy especially during Spring and Summer break.

Senor Frogs also has a water slide which leads from the venue out to the lagoon, this is not always open though. The drop to the lagoon is around 10 feet and the water is not exactly nice.

Cover charge at Senor Frogs is 5$ after 8pm and includes the famous souvenir yard glass which you then pay to get filled with whatever takes your fancy be it a cold beer or cool cocktail.

There is also an all inclusive option available where you simply pay one cover charge and drink free for the rest of the night. Many of the All Inclusive hotels offer free cover with their wristbands so look out for those.

During the evening the venue has capacity for up to 1500 people with daily live music, DJs, contests with the bar closing at 3am.

Senor Frog contests include the infamous Cancun Wet T shirt contest plus various other risque games. Beware, ladies, of participating in some of the games as partial nudity may well be encouraged and on occasion may occur without consent (such as having carbon dioxide blow up short skirts).

Very popular with the younger crowd (18-25) it’s always busy during Spring and Summer break.

Senor Frogs was severely damaged during Hurricane Wilma in October 2005 but upon reopening was totally re-fitted and now even includes a small indoor swimming pool.