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Cancun's unique combination of warm blue seas teeming with marine life, tropical jungle, ancient civilizations, vibrant nightlife and perfect beaches ensures there are no shortage of activities and tours in Cancun, whatever it is that you enjoy doing. We offer all the popular Cancun tours, this page is categorised as scenic tours.

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Xcaret Tours

Party Hopper Tour Cancun

An hour south of Cancun is Xcaret. Xcaret is a huge eco park celebrating Mexico's wide range of flora and fauna.

Floating along the underground river for a mile or more provides a great way to cool off. See the turtles, butterfly farm, jaguars, bats and much much more.

Ideal for kids and with a spectacular night time pageant, Xcaret is right up there on the must do list.

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Chichen Itza Tours

Chichen Itza

You want Wonders of the World? We've got one!

Chichen Itza was named as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World in 2007.

The most famous Mayan remains are just a couple of hours drive from Cancun. There's more than just El Castillo though, Chichen Itza is an entire city mysteriously abandoned long ago.

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Xel Ha Tours

Captain Hook Pirate Cruise Cancun

Xel Ha is often labeled the largest natural aquarium in the World. A large inlet ensures fantastic snorkeling in a safe environment.

Lush tropical jungle and spectacular coastline add to the beauty. With restaurants and optional exciting activities Xel Ha is a full day out.

Ideal for kids.

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Tulum Tours

Tours to Tulum

Tulum, while not the largest of Mayan sites in the region, is certainly one of the most breathtaking.

The former coastal town sits atop a cliff high above the striking Caribbean Sea with views out to the reef. See the voladores launch themselves from the top of a tall pole as haunting Mayan flutes accompany their downward spiral. It's recommended to combine a visit to Tulum with one of the other nearby attractions such as Xcaret or Xel Ha.

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Xplor Tours

Xplor Tours

Xplor offers breathtaking views as you soar above the jungle canopy over 130 feet in the air.

With over 11 ziplines, underground cavern swims, amphibious vehicle driving and much more Xplor offers the thrill seeking adventurer everything they could desire in one single l0cation!

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