Friday, February 15, 2019
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Getting Around

The Cancun Hotel Zone is basically one long road called Avenida Kukulcan and because of this it is easy to get around, and difficult to get lost – as long as you remember the Km designation of your hotel.

Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun Hotel Zone
The Cancun hotel zone is often referred to as a '7' this is because a plan view of the hotel zone looks very much...


I'm not sure anyone even needs a road map to get around the Cancun hotel zone since it is one long road (Boulevard Kukulcan)...

Cancun Buses

Cancun Bus
In the Hotel Zone the fare is 12 Pesos, it doesn't matter if you want to go one stop or all the way. Try...

Cancun Taxis

Cancun Taxi
You shouldn't have trouble finding a taxi in Cancun, about every third vehicle seems to be a taxi. To flag a taxi you don't need...