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Please use the form below to contact me regarding any queries you may have about the web site.

I receive a lot of email and only have so many hours in the day, so please keep your questions brief, to the point and sensible.

In particular, I can not (and these are all real questions I've received):

  • Send you printed brochures by post.
  • Send you that Senor Frogs T shirt or statue of Chichen Itza you really meant to buy.
  • Retrieve possessions you left behind at the hotel or in a cab.
  • Pass messages on to friends you have met who live here.
  • Find people you have fallen in love with, but forgot to get contact details.
  • Get you a job as a pirate on the Captain Hook Pirate Cruise.
  • Provide accommodation at my house while you look for a job.

If you have a query about a particular tour or a hotel then I'll try my best to help, but please bear in mind I have not stayed at every hotel in Cancun and while I have been on almost every Cancun Tour, it hasn't been in the last few weeks.

You may also wish to check out our Cancun Forum which is a wealth of information about almost every subject you can think of, and many you probably haven't.

Finally, if you are offering link building or SEO services then please do not bother contacting me, all such emails are instantly deleted without being read.

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