Cancun Beach Restoration 2010

At long last Cancun's withered beaches are receiving a huge makeover. A previous beach improvement project brought only a temporary solutioon and within a year the beach had gone again meaning that in many places Cancun's shoreline has lacked the very thing Cancun is famous for - a beach!

Now with huge investment from the Government, tons of sand is being pumped from offshore sandbars by two huge dredgers and is then sprayed along miles of Cancun's hardest hit areas. And this time the Cancun beach program includes both the consturcting of structures designed to prevent beach erosion and a maintenance fund over the next ten years to prevent the sand from washing away again.

It's anticipated that the Cancun beach restoration project will continue for some time yet. Eventually, over 10 kilometres of Cancun's fine white sand beaches will be reinstated using 5.2 million cubic metres of and in the process, the beachfront of 30 hotels, restaurants and condominium complexes will have a great beach to enjoy again.

Cancun's beaches are something to be proud of once more. Check out the videos below for amazing footage of Cancun's new beaches, check back often as the videos will be updated as the project progresses.

December 13 2009
November 17 2009
November 1 2009